American Plott Association Inc.
"A Breed Apart"
What's going on in the APA
Our 2017 Election has yielded the following results for the upcoming 2018 year:
President David Williams (2017-2018)
Vice President Bryan Smith (2018)
Secretary Lisa Johnson (2018-2019)
Treasurer Sara Meinert (2017-2018)
Director Roy Stiles (2016-2018)
Director John Gossett (2017-2019)
Director Heath Phillips (2017-2019)
Director Justin Gurley (2018-2020)
Director John Hubbard (2018-2020)
Director Tricia Butler (2016-2018)
2018WTDA Delegate-Gary Bowen
2018 Election Chairman-John Jackson
2018 Brindle Book Chief Editorial Consultant-David Williams

The 2018 Spring Newsletters should have arrived to everyone that was a current member at the day of the mailing.  Included is a nomination
ballot for our Special Awards categories.  Nominations will be compounded onto this summers election ballot.

We are currently working on a new website for the organization.  Downtime should be minimal if any.