"A Breed Apart"
The APA Brindle Book is used for members to share stories about their dogs and memorable hunts with friends.  Featured articles inform
of a variety of historical and current Plott dogs.  Inside you will also find a number of advertising kennels who offer dogs for sale and
guiding services.   We offer the most resent edition free with annual membership.  If you have missed an edition or just want an extra one
or two, you now have the convenience of purchasing some of our past editions online.
The 2011 Brindle Book is dedicated to
Mr. Lawrence Porterfield of
Tennessee.The book is themed on the
Southern Appalachian Mountains.  
featured stories such as " Savannah's
Song", "A Plott named Bob" and "The
Early Years at Pochantas Plott kennels.
This 2010 edition dedicated to Rev.
John Jackson features the Deep South
Region.  Check out some of the top
"Lessons Learned", and "Coward of
the County"

The 2007 edition is dedicated to L. M.
Patton, L. O. Wycoff, Sidney Routh,
Leonard "Pat" Moffett, and John
"Jack" Owens.  The books is filled with
great stories and  ads featuring
different kennels.
Our  2012 edition is dedicated to Mr.
Gene White and themed on the Great
Lakes Region.  Read about The Art of
Breeding Backwards, Transformation to
a Plott Man and the great phone race.
American Plott Association Inc.
Purchase past editions here
The APA 2013 Brindle Book is
dedicated to Mr. Orval Roberts.  This
edition is filled with stories about Plott
dogs doing anything you can imagine.  
Our 2014 edition, pictured above is
dedicated to Mr. Hoke Rawlins, Jim Powell
and Kendall Kahl.  Get your copy today to
read great features on Leroy Haug,
Crockett's Leo, Gramps, and many more!
This edition is dedicated to long time plott
hunter and breeder, Mr. Hoyte Dillingham.
Enjoy our newest 2016 Brindle Book dedicated to
long time APA supporter Jim Schwinefus.  This
edition is filled with accounts and articles from
members all across the country.
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